Vonotek d.o.o.
Maglajska 1
Sarajevo, 71000
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel: +387 33 941 261
Email: [email protected]

Vonotek d.o.o. does not employ “SEO Marketing Strategies” for its products and services and solely relies on direct outreach to its current and/or former business partners.

When the customer decides to purchase a dedicated server from Vonotek d.o.o., we will deliver the said dedicated server to the customer, and if the customer is satisfied with the server, the customer will then be invoiced for the said server.

Existing customers may order dedicated servers and/or domain names directly through the “VONOTEK.COM” website, but they do not need to do so, as Vonotek d.o.o. is able to do it for the customer with their prior authorization and will invoice the customer shortly thereafter.

That being said; Vonotek d.o.o. does not take any funds in advance UNLESS in special circumstances where the customer’s order is either too valuable, or too complicated to be delivered without the customer’s prior funding. Customer will then be invoiced for the said services, and the services will be rendered in a time which was agreed upon with the customer.

Last Update: 24/07/2023